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Written to the sounds of Mick Jenkins “Canada Dry” and “Healer”:


You do not need to “remedy” yourself. See any growth from this day forward as building upon a solid foundation, rather than filling a void within yourself. Be gentle.

Forgive your “weaknesses” and be sure that these are “weaknesses” by your choice and not someone else’s.

Feed your strengths. Work the system around them..yes, this is a possibility. In fact, this is what all successful people have done.

Embrace your eccentricities.

Nurture tenderness in yourself and everyone around you.

Judge no one. Be empathetic towards those who judge you. There is a place within everyone that hurts at times and many people act from this place regularly..this has nothing to do with you. Rebound anyone’s pain with Love. Love always provides a mirror. You cannot change others but you can inspire. For yourself and those around you, always act from Love.

Hold your visions close to you. When you share them, know that they will be questioned..consider this strength training.

Stay close to anything that allows you to see yourself more clearly.

Keep going to the ocean at night. You feel at home because You are made of water and stars.

If you wanna be a rapper, rap. If you wanna be a boxer, box. If you wanna be a writer, write. There are no terms and conditions to these terms’s some Nike shit, Just Do It.

Be Free and stay grounded

Remember that any Great artists/athletes/people you have studied can only be seen by you as “Great” because you see the potential within yourself to be Great. Always feed your potential.

Continue shattering the illusion of barriers until the day comes that We realize there are no such things.

Gratitude. Always be Grateful.

Above all..Enjoy the ride.

Love, Jess


You Are the Light

I am unfinished business,
but perfect as I am.
My imperfections lay stagnant,
perfect as they are,
until the day they no longer serve me

I am cracked,
but never ever broken
Glass stained,
but beautifully with colour

In the same time the pieces “fall apart”
They all come together

There’s a picture
Beyond my control
That I long to see,
sooner than I am allowed

I am not God,
but there I days I crave to be
Pretend to have all of the answers,
but know that I do not

I have come to find Peace in this madness
Happiness in the chaos

Whoever said madness and chaos were the problem?
Man did
And this is the source of all man’s suffering

Beneath the chaos lies the truth.

I feared lack of control
But could only hold so tight

I can only see so far
And hindsight 20/20
has always served me well

As the pieces fall apart
They always come together

I am learning
I work hard
And I falter, day in, day out

But I am learning to be gentle with my soul
It only knows what it sees

But seeing is not believing.

I have grown
Not because I have the full picture now,
but because I no longer need the full picture

I walk blindly
Knowing He holds my hand
Taking me higher and higher

Pain will not bring me down
Hurt will not bring me down
Nothing will take me down

I will only be lifted higher

I will not suffer
Because I have chosen to no longer suffer

And yes, there will be moments
When I will fall back into suffering,
but I will release those moments when I am ready

I will repeat old patterns
Until they are no longer justified

Yes, I am afraid
Afraid to let go
I am human
No different than the rest

But I will never let fear control me

Fear lives where love belongs.

So fill the spaces in your life with love

Do not view those spaces as holes,
voids that need filling with immediate pleasure

Immediate pleasures only last so long
And when they leave they take a little more of you with them

So, as I said
Fill the spaces in your soul, in your life,
with love

Start with loving yourself,
Nothing good comes from a worn out soul

Pleasure should never be provided through your pain
Happiness should not be provided at your expense
Please know you are worth more than that

When you are happy with yourself
You emanate peace

The world absorbs your light
Without you losing any

Nothing good ever comes from a worn out soul.

So, feed your heart
Live and learn passionately
Feeding your soul is the path to enlightenment

The madness is just a dance,
Nothing more than a game of hide and seek

In the moments you feel lost
Remember you have everything within you to be found

In the darkness
There is a light
You are it
Yes, You are the Light.