Bio: I am a self-proclaimed Urban Gypsy from small-town Calahoo, Alberta. Currently I reside in Calgary, AB. Art, music, poetry and design are my loves. This site is a collection of my thoughts. These thoughts, ideas and perceptions have been gathered from observing my environment. I do this in order to gain an understanding of life and in-turn an understanding of myself. Thus far, I have come to learn that humanity is Beautiful. And that if we humans reflect anything other than this beauty, it is simply because we are afraid. I want to break the barriers of this fear. Writing is my outlet, my way of normalizing human circumstance, so that one by one we may all become less afraid and move in Love. So that we may realize we all are going through the same motions + emotions and that our experiences are just manifested differently. I will NEVER lose sight of how beautiful this world is and it's people are. At the heart of us all lies this beauty, it is now our job to bring it out in one another. {Contact + Inquiries feel free to reach me @ jess.smith.contact@gmail.com. I am always looking to Collaborate.}

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