Hold Space

by jesssmithwriting

when you find yourself

and you learn to love her

others will come

to See the light you’ve worked so hard to find


they will come

and they will leech.


When they feel empty,

they will blame you


you’ve played the chasing game

but theirs has just begun


so please, tell me now

that you will take a step back

take an objective stance

and see that when they hurt you

it is only because they hurt inside


do not forfeit your joy

and certainly do not forfeit your light.

For their hungry hearts will grow tired

of your unwillingness to give It up


do not allow others’ pain to shape your joy

do not allow their emptiness to drain your fulfillment

do not give up the person you have worked so hard to become


because there will be days it will appear easier

to be one with the game they’re all playing

feeding one another’s egos

so they too may be fed


but no one’s got no one’s back

..unless it entails keeping a gun behind it..

trigger loaded


and when it’s pulled we all react so well




We’re so good at asking questions

after the fact


‘Cause we are all so fucking busy playing dumb

wondering why the gun was loaded,

why was the trigger pulled?


cause everyone’s hurting

but we ignore the pain

everyone’s living in vain

or hiding in shame


.Now, if we’d all take a moment.


A moment of silence in remembrance

not just of the forgotten ones,

But Who We Were when it all began


Because it’s not that we don’t know,

Not that we can’t heal,

but years of distraction can convince one of anything


That: the emptiness is real

the pain is the truth

disparity is our state


So God, take me back

to the moment we fell from Grace


Show me purity of soul

Show me Love’s true essence

Remind me of Life’s true Blessing


Because through you, we live on

And through us, you the same


God grant me patience

To be understanding

of where we all reside within ourselves,

in the time we reside there


Grant me your eyes,

to See the greatest parts of the hurting souls

Not so that I may excuse their behavior,

but so that I may maintain a level of Hope

in Who They Are beneath the pain


Allow me to hold space for others,

so that when I lie on the other side of the line,

When I lie on the side of darkness,

I know that someone will hold space for me

Someone who too has asked for your patience

has asked for Your understanding

has asked for Your eyes

So that they may see the greatest parts of me, in my hurt

Not so that they may excuse my behavior,

but so they may maintain a level of Hope

in the person I Am beneath my pain.