Create Your Own Systems

by jesssmithwriting

Written to the sounds of Flower by Willow Smith: 

Have you ever taken a moment, to step out and back and see what systems you are a part of?

We are unconsciously taking part in many systematic processes without even realizing, some to our advantage and some to our detriment. When I started becoming more spiritually in tuned and aware I began to see ways in which I felt “chained” and “caged” by sources outside of myself.

Now, please know ahead of time this is not about to be some anti-EVERYTHING article in which I say “fuck the system” and convince you that we should all run around fighting every rule we have been taught, for the simple sake of being rebellious. I am a firm NON-BELIEVER in doing something just for the sake of doing it..or to appear like a “super interesting outcast”..that is not my aim here. I AM a firm believer though, in asking questions, firstly to ourselves and when necessary, others. Questioning is the basis of understanding in my world. Sometimes to a fault, I want to know the “WHY” to everything. But for the most part this trait has served me greatly.

Anyways, when I started becoming more aware of who I wanted to be, I realized that there were beliefs and ideas that were holding me back from becoming this person. That is when I started questioning and recognized that many of my beliefs and ideas came from a learned place, where I was taught “how things are,” “how things SHOULD be,” etc. Many of our responses are learned.. from government, teachers, religion, family, friends, etc. When we step back we can see that few of our beliefs have been formulated on our own, based purely on our essence and individuality. We are trained by systems to be who we are and act and respond the way we do.

Once we have the awareness that systems exist everywhere, the next level of awareness is recognizing that systems in society are entirely MANMADE. God/Source/Creator did not create religion or write did. The Universe did not create did. Or even created this to communicate. Technically there are no rules in this Life. Like I said, this does not mean I believe in running around like a chaotic idiot. This simply means, when a religious belief doesn’t align with you or you feel like you “don’t fit in” are allowed to create your own path to avoid this. Some people fear human’s infinite nature and ability to think/believe/accomplish anything they feel. These are the people who create systems out of the desire for control. {Fear+Power=Control.} I am not saying all systems are negative. In fact, there are some that work trading or karmic systems (favour for favour). The key is that any worthwhile system should benefit all involved, a symbiotic relationship of sorts. And it should definitely allow room for questioning..which ultimately leads to choice. No choice=fear, control and suffering. Now, the beauty of systems being human-made is that we are humans! crazy right!? who would’ve thought..but ya, this means WE too can create systems that work with Who We Are.

Now when I am out and about..existing in society..I ask myself these questions to be sure I am consciously following systems that only agree with My Truth:

1) Is my response coming from fear or a “sheep” mentality? Or is it coming from an integral place that is true **to myself** and rooted in Love?

2) Am I taking part in systems that are conducive to my personal Joy and wellbeing and ultimately humankind’s Joy and wellbeing?

-Use what aligns with you, work with what you feel you must and create to fill the gaps.

To close: In my personal opinion (which by the way, you are welcome to disagree with) I believe we should see boundaries, rules, regulations, definitions, systems and always remember there is an entire world outside of these things. So if something doesn’t work for you or align with the Truest form of yourself, feel Free to explore the beautiful, infinite world of possibilities..and if you get lost, you can always come home 🙂

xoxo Jess