Oh Hayyyy Gurrl: Note to The “Me” 1 Year Ago

1. Cooking is fun..embrace and find joy in the small things that you have to do anyways.
2. Your friends from home will not forget about you. Their love is abundant, embrace and appreciate it.
3. Keep a journal.
4. Talk to people. Be raw and vulnerable and real. You will realize you’re not as “weird” as you thought you were.
5. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water, your body will love you for it. (You’ll get that “pregnant glow” without the pregnancy, amaaaazzzingg)
6. Your loneliness will make you fall into negative habits/patterns. Please just sit through the loneliness, it will go away.
7. Cocaine isn’t your scene, don’t even bother being a part of it. If you ever did cocaine (judging by your reaction to marijuana) Stars air ambulance would be picking you up from the top of a mountain you decided to climb.
8. On that note, BC weed is NOT Alberta weed. You have been warned.
9. Stop waitressing..ASAP..unless you want to hate life.
10. You are going to fall in love and he will break your heart. This will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. There are different kinds of soulmates and some are here to simply remind us Who We Truly Are and then move on. Take this gift and always remember how valuable coming back to yourself was. Far more valuable than any relationship could ever be.
11. Some of the friends you make at first will not be the best choice. Some will last, a lot won’t. Be grateful for what these relationships gave you at the time.
12. Get a good phone plan, you’re going to call home a lot.
13. Yoga will change your life.
14. Develop a spiritual practice.
15. Eat less trail mix and peanut butter, unless you want to be a whale in 2 years.
16. FORCING ANYTHING NEVER WORKS. (incl. the jeans that no longer fit you from eating all that gadddamn peanut butter)
17. Something knows better than you, ease up on your desire to control.
18. Be gentle with yourself.
19. Free yourself from self-judgment.
20. Embrace your eccentricities. Make collages, take nudey pics by yourself, do hippy shit. You, exactly As You Are, are one thing in this world that cannot be replicated. Recognize the power and beauty in this.
21. You will never regret working hard.
22. You can in fact, reach a euphoric “high” from meditation, it wasn’t bullshit after all.
23. You will love your family more than you have ever loved anything. The distance will give you the room to see and appreciate all that they are.
24. You will find “God”
25. Cockroaches don’t just leave your apartment..you, on the other hand, will have to do just that
26. Perfection is an urban myth. Fuck it.
27. Your self-worth is not/never will be measured by anything outside of yourself, only you have that power.
28. Your knowledge and courage is beautiful. Be prepared though, because it will threaten some people. These are the wrong people to keep in your life. Allow this “weeding out” process to naturally occur. Hold out for those who take you As You Are and love you for it.
29. Revel in simple joys.
30. Have dance parties by yourself in your apartment. Wine, yes. Twerking, yes.
31. Embrace All that You Are and where you are at.
32. Being in a constant state of anxiety does not have to be your reality and it WON’T be your reality. Now, when you do get the odd bit of anxiety, just take it as a sign that something in your life is not aligned.
33. Sex really is just sex when it isn’t with someone you love. Hooking up is overrated.
34. Roommates aren’t as bad as you thought they’d be.
35. Embracing your feminine side doesn’t make you a vagina, it just means you have one.
36. Material things are simply that..things..they mean nothing. And at the rate you’re moving (3 places in 1 year), the less things the better.
37. Mom will nurture your wings/creativity and dad will nurture your roots/reality. Know that they both want the best for you.
38. Don’t rush, great things take time.
39. Music will save you. (You are going to play Robert Glasper’s Black Radio 2 album on repeat for 2 months, it will keep you from getting depressed. Keep it rolling!)
40. The ocean will restore you.
41. Run, bike and swim as much as possible. Just do it. Your bed will still be there when you get home.
42. Power comes in knowing you are perfectly ok on your own. Joy comes in knowing you don’t have to be on your own.
43. Wear silky stuff to bed, it’ll make you feel good.
44. You have within you an infinite pool of wisdom…TRUST YOURSELF
45. Don’t give of yourself too soon. There is a difference between sacrifice and having no self respect. Fill yourself first. Become so full of life, joy and love until it naturally pours forth for others. This is the true essence of giving.
46. Every risk you took will payoff tenfold.
47. Light candles and take a deep fucking breath. Life is goooood.