Recently I have acknowledged both my significance and my complete insignificance in the universe. It is the greatest paradox I have faced and come to understand. We spend our days running around in our own “zone.” We forget that all the while, everyone around us is doing the same thing. Reality is nothing but our personal perception. My reality is completely different than the next person’s. We can hear the same song, look at the same tree, read the same book, but we will not gather the same information from these things. We get so caught up in our own lives, assuming that that is “reality.” But it isn’t, it is just ours!

Without sounding like a complete hippy..the ocean is what has taught me this. A 5 minute walk takes me from downtown of a metropolis to standing on a beach, staring at a vast, beautiful body of water..a body of water that has more power than humankind. This is the exact moment I feel completely insignificant. And I don’t mean insignificant in a sobby, bullshitty, feel sorry for me way..I mean it in a “oh wow, I’m not the only thing existing on this planet and MY SHIT REALLY ISN’T THAT BIG OF A DEAL.” The ocean puts everything in perspective for me.

I have learned the value in balancing my perspective on life. Balancing my “importance” with my “unimportance.” Realizing our importance is valuable when we Love and spread Love. And realizing our unimportance is valuable when Ego takes ahold of us and tries to set us apart from the rest. We are all vital parts of this “system,” but..WE ARE ONLY VITAL PARTS OF THE SYSTEM SO THAT WE MAY COLLECTIVELY CREATE SOMETHING GREATER THAN OURSELVES.

The paradox is that yes, we are one of a kind..but there are 7 billion people who are also “one of kind.” It’s realizing that we are significant and special..but NO more significant and special than the other 6.999999999 billion people on the planet. The “unique” aspects of ourselves and our “gifts” are what set us apart, but we have to realize that our gifts are no more important than the next person’s. This is what separates Love from Ego, Non-judgement from Judgement, Compassion from Indifference, Connectedness from Disconnect.

It scares me at times, to think that I might not be “that important” or “special” or “unique,” but that is only because my Ego feels threatened by that thought. When I get out of my own to my grandpa who has been to war and seen his friends die in front of him..when I look at the ocean and acknowledge that it could swallow me up in an instant..when I accept that I only have control over what’s going on inside my own head (ie. my reality) and that EVERYTHING else is out of my control..when I accept that I am both extremely powerful, but also powerless against some is this balance that gives me sanity and peace at the end of the day.