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Month: April, 2014

Let The World Knock You Down

let the world knock you down

so you can prove to it and yourself
that you have the fight within you
to get back up, stronger and taller

let people speak negatively about you
so that you train your mind to speak lovingly about yourself

do not let any other human being be a crutch,
you have everything you need within yourself

do not wait for relationships to define love,
relationships will fuck you up. friends. family. lovers.
they will all fuck you up.

When you are busted up and your soul aches,
but you gather the strength to go for one more day,
one more day you thought may never come,
that is when you know love.
because you have loved yourself enough to keep going.
to fight a fight that you weren’t sure would be worth it.

give yourself time. it will be worth it.

do not run from your pain, sit with it
do not run from your fear, sit with it
sit with it
until it drives you so crazy
that you can’t help but force your mind and soul to grow.
sit with it
but DO NOT let it define you

you are not what you have done,
you are not who you have hurt,

you are the one
who kept fighting
and came back stronger.
you are the one
who heard what others spoke
but stayed focused on your own voice.
you are the one
who, despite negative forces
remained a positive light.
you are the one
who cannot be broken.



I see through it,
The mask you wear
The games you play

There’s more than meets the eye with you

It isn’t what you say,
It’s in how I feel

You melted my mask too

There was something in that day
A magic that saved Who We Are

Both slowly fading
Before we showed each other the Light

I didn’t know they existed, ones like you
Such a rare and beautiful breed

Though, you my dear
Are not an animal to be tamed

I want to run with you
I want to run with you

To find shelter in midnight whispers
And feel the warmth in what you See

I was broken glass but
In your reflection I learned to love again

Before you came
I was weak
Clinging to the tattered edges
Of who I thought I was

A brief subtle memory
Was all that remained.
Hiding in the shadows
Behind the brittle branches of deceit

Then you arrived

To remind me of
Who I could be
Who I Would be

So here we are
A short time has passed
But we come back together
As not two halves, but two wholes

Wounds healed
Edges mended
Pieces in place


Though brief,
The roads diverted
But here we meet
Where they have diverged once again

So take my hand
And in doing so
I promise to not take your strength
If you will promise the same

And let Us hold each other,
Not to keep one another together
But to lift one another up

I want to reach the heights with you
You have shown me light
You have shown me strength
Not just yours, but my own too

And when you need
I will be your solid ground
Planted firmly beneath your feet

I will be a quiet/gentle whisper
To remind you of Who You Are
In the brief moments you forget

I will not show you the way
But rather walk softly beside you
As you make your own way

I will do all of this
And more
If you can tell me
You want to do the same

I will stand as your reflection
If you will stand, to do the same
Because I was broken glass but
It is in your reflection I learn to love again.

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful
Don’t forget it

Your mind will wander,
It will become influenced

Experiences will taint you

Your skin and heart
Will become stained with scars

But you are beautiful
Don’t forget it

Mom, she taught me,
Beauty is beneath my skin

But I fight to look past my mirror’s reflection

Work to see through my eyes
And follow their trail
To my soul

Instead I stand
Distracted by this body

And I measure and fix..and measure and fix
To fit proportions I have been taught

She always told me,
“You are beautiful
Don’t forget it”

But it takes time.
To go beyond repeating…and repeating..and repeating
Those words in my head

It takes time
To etch that mantra into
The hardened framework of my beliefs

But I am starting to see it

My eyes have let me through
They led me down the path
To where my soul lay

And now that I can see my soul
I see how it thirsts for my love
Brittle and fragile
It thirsts for my love

So I promise to feed it
Once a day
When I look unto that silver glass
I will repeat
“You are beautiful,
don’t forget it”
and I repeat it again..and again
Until I feel a little piece of those words
Follow that trail
Through my eyes,
into my soul

And I watch
As my soul feeds and drinks from those words

It has grown,
Slowly but surely
It has grown

It’s roots have begun to plant my feet
A bit firmer on the ground

They have intertwined themselves
Through the framework of my spine
So that I may hold myself
Just a little taller

They hold my head high
Just so as not to have my nose in the air

So now I am starting to believe it
Those words that she said
Beauty is more than skin dip
And I am beautiful

I may have a collection of scars
But they are the pieces
That make this puzzle fit

I also have soul and intellect
I am brave and I am bold
I have talents
And I possess love
That extends far beyond any superficial illusion,
such as physical beauty

Yes, I have skin
But this skin serves a purpose
To hold in place the bones and organs
That I am lucky enough to say are healthy
And keep me alive

Yes, I have legs
But these legs serve a purpose
To walk and trek across this beautiful planet

Yes, I have lips
But these lips serve a purpose
To speak and sing what I know to be true

Yes, I have breasts
But these breasts serve a purpose
To give life to a child one day, if I so choose

This body offers so much more
Than viewing pleasure
It is the container for my soul
A soul that is hungry

So every day
When I look unto that silver glass,
Rather than measuring and fixing..and measuring and fixing
To fit proportions I have been taught,
I will stand strong
And I will stand peacefully
I will look myself in the eyes
Until they open up to me
And take me to where my soul lies

And I will thank my soul and body
for being such an amazingly operative machine

And with confidence and faith
I will finally believe myself when I say
“You are beautiful,
don’t forget it.”

Your Truth

I am stuck outside of myself.
Looking beyond
For a sense of what is right.
What is to be.

My thoughts spin..
No definition
From within.
I long for this definition.

Because when the silence comes,
I will be the only one
Keeping myself company.

We live in a world
Where chaos flows thick
Amongst men.
And conciousness of self
Will be the only thing
Keeping us afloat.

So let the heart be your guide
And morality your compass.
Do not allow your mind to rule.
It rules through ego,
The one power we need to fight against.

And do not assume outside sources know
what is best for you.
You have the power, the knowledge, and
the understanding to define this for

So define it..

Find what You need.
Find what makes You happy.
Find what drives you.
Find what calms your soul.

And when you do, hold onto it.
Because when the silence comes
We are the only ones
keeping ourselves company.

Do not be afraid though,
For when this moment comes
It will be a beautiful one.

You will have found that piece of mind,
Your truth
That will guide you from this moment forward.

2AM Inspiration

Be challenged in this life
But do not confuse a challenge with a fight
This life was meant to be simple,
Briefly interupted by moments of chaos
Only so that we may learn what we need
in order to move on bigger and better people

When you sense universal resistance,
recognize and acknowledge it
Do not push it aside and resist further
Because somewhere down the line,
the walls you built with denial will come crashing down
Until you are left standing in the framework you started with

If this should happen
Do not be afraid
There is a divine strength within us all
To pick up the pieces
And start anew

Just know that as you are rebuilding
In the lightest and darkest of times,
There are people working for and against you.
This will never change.

When you are in pain people may not understand
And when you are at peace people may not understand
Therefore; never value anyone’s approval or disproval
of where you are at in life over your own.
Believe and accept that you understand yourself better than anyone ever will
Let go of the people who judge and don’t try to understand you because
You have the strength to stand on your own.

Recognize that nothing is lost in this life.
It’s as simple as “out with the old, in with the new!”
There is a divine plan
Surrender yourself to it
Make an effort in this life,
But surrender to the unknown.
And not only surrender to the unknown,
but be exhilarated by it
Let that curiousity be what drives you to see tomorrow

And when you see tomorrow
See it with fresh eyes
Knowing that you made it through yesterday
And that you are stronger today
than you ever have been before.

This Is Who I Am

I grow
From one to another,
This is who I am.

Never too steady
But not often uneasy
From one to another,
This is who I am.

Yet ever unchanging
From one to another
This is who I am.

The world spins wildly around me
Yet gravity holds me tight
I, We,
Are changing
Yet ever unchanging,
From one to another,
This is who we are.

I am defined
Yet unrefined

From one to another,
This is who I am.