The Birds and Bees (a lurrrve poem to no one!)

by jesssmithwriting

I am the sound of harmonics

on a hollow bodied guitar


I am the sweet smell of rain,

freshly fallen on a flower bed of lilies


I am warm mud

oozing through your fingertips

giving life to the worms, to the birds,

birds giving flight to the sky


I am the bass of a sweaty hip hop club

making your heart beat

deeper than it has before


I am the dark pockets in the ocean

you don’t know what’s there…

but you’ll jump anyways


I am the hook you can’t get out of your head.


And you…

You are red licorice..and bubblegum…

and hot lips..and cinnamon hearts!

spicy, but still sooo sweet


You are my favourite pop song

3 minutes and 30 seconds of perfection

that fills me just enough

yet I can’t help but play you on repeat


You are my favourite pair of old, worn in jeans

that I won’t ever be able to throw away


You are the adrenaline of jumping from heights

you make me afraid…

but I will jump anyways


You are the hook I can’t get out of my head.


So let’s run run away together

until our legs and bones ache

because our hearts no longer will


I want to be your free fall

And you be mine


I want to be your ocean shore

calling you into me


And we will Love deeply.


I want to kiss you when you cry

Have your tears land softly on my lips

And I will take them as my own

As long as I know you will not have to hurt


I will be a dim light,

never too bright,

to remind you in the dark

that you are not alone


And you,

you will do the same

Not out of need,

but desire


We will love freely!


Because I make you fly

And you make me drip like honey

It’s just you and me,

the birds and the bees