Tell Me I Can’t..Creating “My Own Movement”

by jesssmithwriting

In the Woodkid video I attached in the previous post he says a couple things that got through to me: 1) “Curiosity is about filling the gaps that you have inside of you.” and 2) “Create your own movement.” 

There have been times when I have told people my goals and they respond with some sort of warning, as if to save me from inevitable defeat. I have learnt to be very careful about who I share my aspirations with, and no one really knows the depth of them. I have found there is a balance between being able to verbalize goals and keeping them to myself for “safety’s” sake. 

As I have gone through life I have learned there are people who are going to “talk you down” no matter what you tell them you want to achieve. The first thing I do when someone starts talking down my goals is, look at their life. How do they seem to feel about their own circumstances? Do they complain about work/life regularly? Do they have any dreams besides plainly existing? My guess is they are quite unhappy with where they are at. People have a tendency to project their own “shit” onto others in the hopes of putting themselves just a bit “above.” And I have fallen into believing these people, taking their word. Only to then a few days, weeks, months down the road, look back at our conversation and wonder why I ever listened to them in the first place. 

I 100% believe that a huge part of achieving “success” is by surrounding ourselves with people who have a similar idea of success. Surround yourself with people who stir something up inside of you, in a positive way. Surround yourself with people who intimidate and even threaten you due to everything they have achieved (because the minute someone threatens you, without having made any sort of attack on you, it is due to an insecurity inside of yourself). Deal with your insecurities by putting yourself directly in circumstances that make you feel afraid. There is a difference between people who threaten your dreams because they talk you down and people who threaten you because they have achieved/are in the process of achieving what you want to. Surround yourself with the latter. 

We are only able to take our lives where we can take our minds. How are you supposed to go somewhere, be it physically, mentally, spiritually, that you do not believe could potentially exist? Create an environment for yourself in which curiosity is nurtured. We were given curiosity, a desire to explore, so that we may see/learn that greater and bigger things DO exist. I want to write a book one day, I want to speak to people in large volumes..I have only told a few people these things and I have had both ideas shot down. I was told, “just choose one thing.” And to those people I say, thanks but no thanks. I will not allow my life to be a smaller version than I want because I took the advice of someone who had no dreams of their own.

Nurture your curiosity. Fill the gaps inside of you through the process of discovery. Never get too comfortable. Take risks. Push the limits. CREATE YOUR OWN MOVEMENT. Just because no one has done what you want to do, does not make it impossible, it simply means no one has thought about things the way you have.