You Have Everything

by jesssmithwriting

Do not fight for the answers
You will never have them all:

The answers you need though,
They lie within

Do not be afraid to look outward for guidance
But more importantly, do not be afraid to trust yourself
Trust that although you are young, you have answers too
You do not “know everything” like some days you believe you do
But your gut gives you the important answers
You are blessed with intuition,
Use it

Do not aim to be perfect
You never will be:

Do not set a bar
Just to punish yourself for the days you do not meet it
Set a bar so that you become better
But have patience with yourself on the days you miss it

We were not put here to suffer
We are here to love
Ourselves and each other
(In that order!)

Do not look to others to give you what you need
They will never be able to:

The moment you start looking outside of yourself for satisfaction,
Is precisely the moment you will not be satisfied
People and things will not make you happy

Do not think falling in love will solve anything
It will not.
Falling in love was not meant to be an answer to anything
It was not meant to be the solution to anyone’s problems
No one can and no one will “save” you
And you cannot save anyone
That is not what love is about.
Real love is when you can give of yourself without compromising who you are and what you need.
And it is when you do not expect a partner to sacrifice who they are and what they need.

So go for a walk
Hear the ocean
Watch the ocean

Take time to observe your environment
Absorb your surroundings
Yes, it will hurt some days
But others, it will be so beautiful
You could not have imagined living any other way

And when it all feels like too much
Breathe deeply
Allow peace to resonate within you
And remember that you have all that you need

Your bones and your skin and your body,
they hold your heart
They hold it closely
And they hold you together

Everything you need
Is within this framework

Trust this and you will live each day
Happier than the one before.