The Beginning (dedicated to Ella)

by jesssmithwriting

For everything lost
Something is gained

For everything lost
Something is found

That is the beauty of this world

For today’s ending
Is tomorrow’s beginning

And today’s misunderstanding
Is tomorrow’s teaching

Yet do not be rushed to find this teaching

Do it in your own time

Come face to face with your burdens

Question yourself and your beliefs
Question others and theirs

Decide what you love and what you hate
Decide who you love
And then change your mind

Forgive yourself
Forgive others

Release what no longer serves you

You were put here with a purpose
Go find what it is

For this is what it takes
When seeking the Truth

And through this search for purpose and truth
Accept Who You Are
And where you’re at
Do the same for others

Accept the darkness
And the light

Embrace your state of mind
(For as crazy as you feel
You are beautiful)

And when this is done
May You awaken to see the world
Through eyes of wonder and awe

And may you have peace of mind
In truly knowing
That this is not the end
It is only the beginning…